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Fincurious provides you with the best practical guidance on Accounting, Taxation, Audit & HR domains. Learn the best courses Online and Offline with the best faculty, advanced simulation software and tools to help you get a better grasp on the subjects. Apply for the most suitable jobs, prepare for interviews, learn communication skills and level-up your professional career. Choose an option relevant to you and get Started !

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FinC Lab

Introducing FinC Lab.
The next Generation of Education!

You have already studied enough theory in your Schools and colleges. It is now time to learn how to do it in practice. Brush up on your theory and get into practical and learn how to actually implement concepts in real world!

Practically run Experiments in Lab!

Try out portions of the Return Filing process and find out how to do it correctly!


Read a small portion and test your Knowledge immediately!

Revise as many times as you want!

Running through the topics more than 2 times will help in better retention!


Get Practical Experience with Simulation!

Simulation, as the name suggests, will let you experience the real world experience in a safe environment. You can try Return Filing as many times as you want without any hassles from the real portal!


Attend the live session to clarify all your doubts in the LIVE Doubt Solving Session (DSS)!

Have questions while learning? Make your question in the Lab and our faculties will clarify ALL of your doubts!

Live Classes

Mark your Questions!

Doubt Solving Sessions!

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Made for Students and Professionals alike, the Fincurious App is specifically designed to help you in finding the right path for you.
Ask questions to professionals directly using Queries, mark Due dates, get access to study materials from anywhere and find Jobs that are relevant to you. These features help you in whichever direction you choose to tread in.
Download now and get Exciting features and Offers from Fincurious.

Our Presence across India!

Our Centres are active over 100 locations in over 20 states! We are rapidly expanding and covering more locations everyday in order to provide our courses, job opportunities and connections..
We ensure that our Centres provide the best facilities for students and candidates to get them Job-ready. This enables aspirants to become professionals and in turn help more people in the field of Commerce!


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Our Courses

Practical Training makes sure that aspirants understand the fundamental concepts of accounting better as they interact with the topics instead of just learning the theory. With branches all across India, we aim to provide the right training to all aspirants so that they can live up to their potential and find the best jobs and become true professionals.
Aspirants have a choice to go for Certification Specialisations or just pick independent courses of their choice.


Focus on Practice!


Deep Understanding!


Real Life Scenarios!

Benefits for Students

Study Materials

Get Industry Ready Study Materials (Printed & Online)

Lab Access & Simulation Softwares

Practice Unlimited Return Filings in a protected server!


Get recognition with Certification in your CV!


Prepare and apply for the best jobs in your preferred location!

 Certification Specialisation Courses
Take up our Course Combinations & become an Expert in Spceific topics!

courses are complete packages that includes all practical aspects of Accounting and Taxation. Aspirants can go for this course to have a complete understanding of Accounting, Income Tax, GST, TDS, Labour laws, Payroll, Excel, Tally, etc. We have created 5 Specialisations & 6 Pro Combinations of practical training to cater to different levels of experience in students.


New Upcoming Courses...

Startup Course


Stock Market

Digital Marketing

Financial Literacy


CPA / US Accounting


Simulation Software

In order to build practical skills, we provide simulated websites hosted on our own servers to train students so that you get the ultimate practical experience! Practice GST, Income Tax, TDS, PT, PF & ESI in simulated government websites hosted on our own servers and get a practical understanding of these websites.


Apply for the best Jobs!

Find Accounting, HR and other commerce jobs that suit your expertise. Fincurious is the bridge between you and your dream job. Instantaneously access hundreds of jobs and find one that suits your needs perfectly. Login and get started now!

Step 1: Prepare
Step 2: Become a Pro!
Step 3: Apply!

Hire trained Candidates!

Hire our skilled candidates who are trained practically and are job ready. Whether you need an Accountant, HR, Auditor, Manager or the likes, either access our database, post jobs in our Exclusive Recruiter Portal or get a full-stack HR Service.

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Senthil Kumar

A great team with a vision to solve the skill gap in the accounting / commerce field through the practical training modules & placement support. Very supportive team members who are available to resolve your queries


C A Satish Borkar

"Exceptional Support Experience at Fincurious!" I am Incredibly impressed with the support service provided by the team at Fincurious. Their dedication, expertise, and friendly approach have left me truly amazed. Whenever I've reached out with questions or concerns, they have responded promptly and with professionalism.


Sravan Kumar

Hi, I have completed my DPAT LEVEL 1 , really useful course and teaching method is good. Thank you Fincurious .

Job Seeker

Kamini Alkunte

Great staff, provide service without any cost. And also supportive team.. 😊


Surya Lakshmi

It is so informative and too knowledgeable. Sir teaches us very well . He is so superb person to clear the doubts and gives us more information too.


Mahima Chatra

I have Completed my DPAT level 2 and teaching is good.. Arun kumar sir way of teaching is unique and we can understand difficult problems easily... and spana dhidi also very good coordinator.. I m happy n enjoyed the classes thank u dpat.... Mahima chatra


Arun Kumar

Course are very useful for the accounts domain and the training is also good, well maintained software and finally it was a great experience thanks for the Fincurious Team.