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You have already studied enough theory in your Schools and colleges. It is now time to learn how to do it in practice. Brush up on your theory and get into practical and learn how to actually implement concepts in real world!

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GST Computation & Return Filing

This course covers the entirity of GST Computation and Return Filing process with the help of our simulation software.

8 Chapters

32 Experiments

65 Videos

82 Assessments

27 Case Studies & Assignments

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TDS Computation

This course helps one understand how TDS needs to be computed and how payment process is done in various scenarios practically.

2 Chapters

6 Experiments

22 Videos

48 Assessments

6 Case Studies & Assignments

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TDS Return Filing

This course helps you understand how TDS needs to be computed and how returns is to be filed practically with Simulation Software.

3 Chapters

14 Experiments

11 Videos

16 Assessments

6 Case Studies & Assignments

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Payroll or Salary Statement

With this course, you learn preparation of salary statement for your organisation and we provide complete practical understanding of payroll.

3 Chapters

22 Videos

78 Assessments

8 Case Studies & Assignments

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PF, ESI, PT Return Filing

 Understand various types of deductions such as PF, ESI, PT, etc. Proper computation and Filing of PF, ESI & PT return is crucial for all businesses.

3 Chapters

24 Experiments

16 Videos

48 Assessments

6 Case Studies & Assignments

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Income Tax Computation

This course helps students improve their knowledge on computation of Income tax and the details of tax payable by an individual.

6 Chapters

6 Experiments

12 Videos

68 Assessments

16 Case Studies & Assignments

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Income Tax Return Filing

Practically understand how Income Tax Returns is filed for individuals. This course is perfect for you if you want to learn tax planning, e-file ITR, etc.

2 Chapters

19 Experiments

10 Videos

4 Assessments

16 Case Studies & Assignments

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Business Taxation

 This course covers computation of business income and Tax of a Company and Partnership Firm taking provisions of Income Tax Act.

5 Chapters

0 Videos

56 Assessments

13 Case Studies & Assignments

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Basic and Advanced Excel

 Become a master in Excel formulas, shortcuts, spreadsheets, and other common usage. Learn to use over 40 Forumlas and Features

4 Chapters

20 Videos

42 Assessments

13 Case Studies & Assignments

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Financial Statements & MIS

This course provides complete knowledge on financial statement preparation mechanism based on Companies Act 2013.

5 Chapters

0 Videos

63 Assessments

19 Case Studies & Assignments

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Tally Foundation

Tally Foundation Course covers in-depth knowledge to meet all the accounting requirements of the business industry

6 Chapters

30 Videos

94 Assessments

15 Case Studies & Assignments

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Tally Specialisation

This course covers special features of Tally software such as Inventory management, Cost Centre, Export Invoices, etc.

7 Chapters

2 Videos

5 Assessments

17 Case Studies & Assignments


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FinC Lab

Introducing FinC Lab.
The next Generation of Education!

You have already studied enough theory in your Schools and colleges. It is now time to learn how to do it in practice. Brush up on your theory and get into practical and learn how to actually implement concepts in real world!

Practically run Experiments in Lab!

Try out portions of the Return Filing process and find out how to do it correctly!


Read a small portion and test your Knowledge immediately!

Revise as many times as you want!

Running through the topics more than 2 times will help in better retention!

How you'll learn!

Lab Features


Learn by Experimenting, not by reading..

Studies show that students have 5x more retention when they learn practically as opposed to theory only!

Clarify Doubts!

Have doubts? Get it resolved asap by typing your doubt!

Earn Coins!

Answer MCQs sprinkled throughout the topic and get coins when you answer correctly!


Get Practical Experience with Simulation!

Simulation, as the name suggests, will let you experience the real world experience in a safe environment. You can try Return Filing as many times as you want without any hassles from the real portal!

Conduct unlimited experiments in FINC Lab you want.

File returns in Government (exact same) portal (Full Simulation)


Attend the live session to clarify all your doubts in the LIVE Doubt Solving Sessions (DSS)!

Have questions while learning? Make your question in the Lab and our faculties will clarify ALL of your doubts!

Live Classes

Mark your Questions!

Doubt Solving Sessions!


Learn from Anywhere!

Download our Android app and get access to the same study materials on the go! Also get notifications about when the class is starting or when your access is about to expire.

Full Access

Zero Ads, as it should be!

Important Notifications Only!

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More Features:


Interactive UI

You will not just learn the subject material, you will Experience it! You will be asked to complete small tasks and answer a few questions which helps you in remembering the topic for a longer time.


Learn in 15+ Languages with AI

Not able to understand technical words? Translate it to the language of your choice and learn easily! 15 Languages are currently supported, and we are adding more soon...


Earn Finc Coins!

Every time you Input the correct answer, or achieve something in the given time, you will be awarded with Coins! Use these to get discounts on future courses and get a chance to win big (Coming sooner than you think.. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FinC Lab?
FinC Lab is the next generation, technology based learning platform with gamification, which allows you to earn FinC Coins. In lab you can practically learn Accounting, Taxation, Labour Laws, Reporting, Etc. in your own language using tools such as Simulation Experiments, Full Simulation, MCQs, Short Videos & Many more. To clarify doubts one can join Live Doubt Solving Sessions (DSS) conducted by our Industry Expert Trainers.
What is Simulation?
Simulation, as the name suggests, will let you experience the real world return filing process in a virtual environment. You can file Return practically and get hands on experience like a real portal!
What is Simulation Experiment?
Experiment is the small part of the simulation with gamification. You can use this any number of times without any limitation.
What is Full Simulation?
It’s a full version of Simulation, to practice end to end return filing process. You can practice in Full Simulation up to 5 times under each Question.
What is Short Videos?
You can watch Concept based short videos with duration of less than 5 minutes across the lab to get clarity on the certain concepts. These videos are either in English or Hindi language only.
Can I study in my own language?
Yes, you can choose your own language from the list of language options given. Whole content will convert to your language except short videos and Simulation.
What is MCQ?
Multiple Choice Questions asked during the process of learning which allows you to make a self Assessement on the learning experience. For each correct answer you will earn FinC Coins.
What is FinC Coins?
Finc coins are earned in the due process of learning against each correct answer given for MCQs, which can be redeemed later.
Benefit of FinC Coins?
FinC Coins can be used to avail offers and discounts for purchase of courses. Which can also be used to get cashback subject to terms and conditions.
What is Live DSS?
DSS means Online Live Doubt Solving Sessions conducted by our Industry Expert Trainers on a regular basis to assist you on getting clarification against the doubts submitted during the process of learning.
How will live sessions work?
Live sessions work based on a section. A student can attend any number of live sessions during the access period.
What is Hand Raise option?
Its quite natural that sometimesit’s very hard understand a concept as a whole. In that case, you can simply click on Hand Raise button given with the topics. Our content team will try to simplify those topics for you. Further, our trainers will focus on those topics during live sessions.
What is the Duration of the Course?
Duration depends on the course, which varies from 10 learning hours to 70 learning hours.
What is the validity of the course access?
The validity is for 180 days from the date of purchase with unlimited times of access to Simulation Experiment and maximum 5 times access under each question to practice full simulation during that period.
What if I haven’t received the access even after purchasing the course?
You can raise a ticket to our support team or you can write to us at and you will get access within 24-48 hours.
What is activate button?
Activate button allows you to start each courses independently from the list of courses you bought together as and when you ready to learn. Course validity starts once you click on Activate button for that particular course.
Will I get Course completion Certificate?
Post completion of the course you need to attend a 30 minutes MCQ based test with 20 questions. Your marks will be calculated with 80% weightage on test and 20% on the lab MCQs. Certificate will be generated automatically once get a passing marks of 50%. No hardcopy shall be given.
What if I fail to get 50% passing marks in Test?
Nothing to worry, you can again give an attempt after 24 hours of cooling period.
Is the Course Completion Certificate Valid?
Yes, Course completion is valid across India and accepted by all companies. To check the validity of the certificate one can scan the QR Code attached in certificate.
Is job gurantee provided?
There is no job guarantee, however we offer 100% placement support and assistance. You can go to our job portal and apply for relevant jobs.
I have different Question?
For any further questions, please email us on Our team of experts will get back to you very shortly.