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Steam Game Keeps Minimizing? Top 5 Solutions to Fix It

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Sometimes when graphics drivers are not up to date or if there is a driver mismatch, your games can minimize by itself or not even work. It is possible that a new update to the graphics driver may be causing this bug. There may very well be an older version that works better, as the new version may be incompatible with your hardware.

By following these steps, you will be able to update your drivers if an update is available. Also while you are at it, check if your Windows is up to date. If not, then update them, as it may also be the reason that your game keeps minimizing. You can give your games the highest CPU priority so that your CPU solely focuses on optimizing your games while you are playing.

This is exactly what the Windows Game Mode was supposed to do as mentioned above. But sadly it did not really do its job. This will make your CPU give your game high priority, which will optimize your gameplay. Resume the game and play for a while to see if your game still keeps minimizing or not. You can also check out this article on how to reduce CPU usage while gaming.

But, it has been noted to cause your games minimizing to desktop in the past. To fix this, the best way is to disable the Windows Error Reporting Service. Looking for Windows 10 games to download for free?

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Raid: Shadow Legends. Throne: Kingdom at War. After some time it minimizes to desktop without any reason It happens every time. When i do nothing and the desktop screen is there on my computer, something just pops up and get closed in just a second So I had it right the first time then. It would seem something is trying to load, or possibly trying to connect on line, and failing. I assume you would have disabled your Anti-Virus in the Startup tab, with your earlier attempts, but if your Anti-Virus was loaded.

If there are no errors in Event Viewer that correspond with the time this pop up flashes, and you have not found any conflicts from. Or maybe another software you launch yourself after booting into Windows is trying to connect or update? Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download.

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Windows 10 games keep minimizing free download


Destiny 2 is a very famous online-only windows 10 games keep minimizing free download shooter video game. Many people like to play привожу ссылку in their spare time. However, users tend to windows 10 games keep minimizing free download different kinds of errors while playing the Destiny 2.

For instance, many players said downliad Destiny 2 keeps minimizing on launch or after switching to full screen mode. This page will show you how to fix the issue properly. Destiny 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game released by Bungie on September 6, Destiny 2 appeals to lots of people in gams world; it is estimated to have 34, total players or subscribers. One of the most popular problems they encounter is Destiny 2 keeps minimizing. They are wondering why the game keeps minimizing and how to fix when a game minimizes itself Windows Free Download.

The following part will tell you how to fix when your game keeps minimizing to desktop Windows You may find your games keep minimizing on launch, while playing, or after switching to full screen mode. Why does my game keep windows 10 games keep minimizing free download There are some common reasons:. Malware or virus is a popular reason why your computer keeps going to desktop while playing games. Also, you can scan your computer by using third-party software.

Microsoft introduced a Game Mode to improve the overall performance of playing games. However, it may be the reason why your games minimizing to desktop sometimes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Summary : Destiny 2 is a very famous online-only multiplayer shooter video game.

Tip: If you also find your Sindows keeps minimizing games, please first back up the important data saved on your computer. After that, you should follow the methods mentioned below to troubleshoot game keeps minimizing Windows If any data is lost, you may use the recovery software from MiniTool to get it back at once.

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Windows 10 games keep minimizing free download


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. I’m having a ongoing problem with most games, when I startup a game it automatically minimizes itself taking me back to the desktop and if it’s an old game that has very low resolutions then what happens is it does the same thing but when you click the game in the taskbar to try to get into it, I’ll kick you back into the desktop One of these is causing it.

Edit: The problem is pretty much like this, which I’ve just discovered on youtube. Last edited by Rocketeer Raccoon ; 28 Sep, am. Showing 1 – 15 of 15 comments. Then you will see something that says “Run: Normal Window”.. Change the “Normal Window” to “Maximized” This can help sometimes Then see if the game has an option to play in full screen mode.. If it does, make sure it is checked.. You may also try pressing [alt-enter]. This also can make a program change resolution from a window to full screen mode, as well as the reverse..

Also, try setting the game to a different resoltion.. Maybe for some reason or another the resolution that the game is trying to use, is not compatible with something.. By the way L0whawk, your suggestion doesn’t work. First off; u have countless bits of useless crap running down in the taskbar. In the video u saw a form of OSD there when u messed with Volume. That can often conflict with some games and even Steam in-game Overlay features. Restart Windows when asked.

You can always reverse this later on, or be more selective of what Startup Items actually are enabled. Bottom line here is to weed out what items are causing problems. As it usually is just that simple. Also is this a desktop or laptop? It wasn’t a video of his personal setup.. It sounds more like a driver conflict.. Try updating your video drivers, and if they are up to date, then roll back to a previous version If it wasn’t for you saying this is also happening with newer titles, I’d say it may be need to run in win98 compatibilty mode..

Ok well then ignore what I said as per what was shown in the video exactly; but again look through all I’ve stated. As I find this is often the case on alot of customer machines I’ve dealt with.

And yes Drivers could be a factor too. Best bet is ridding the system of OEM shipped drivers and install the latest ones. Tyler View Profile View Posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Hope this helps others if you have Windows 10, have multiple monitors and your games auto minimize when starting in fullscreen, what fixed it for me was..

Right click on the taskbar 2. Go into Settings 3. Uncheck “Show taskbar on all displays”. This immediately fixed the issue on all of my games.

Greetings Steam Community. I might have a solve but before i do let me tell you this: I have had this problem for about a month and every time i restart my computer afterwards, it works without minimizing anything. Every time i tried to play the game, it launched it in full screen but right after few seconds it went window mode, i clicked on the window mode and it popped full screen and went to window mode straight away, i restarted my system and then it was solved, BUT it’s not the solve i’m talking about.

So, every time I plugged my headphones the notification popped up on how i want to use them exactly, i set for headphones and pressed OK, and that’s when the whole minimizing thing started to happen, I realized that only this week. SO if you are using headphones, set that notification “not to show again” and restart your computer, without that no game will minimize itself after that.

Well, at least that what was causing MY games to minimize, and i’m talking any games. Cosack View Profile View Posts. Connecting a new screen on Win10 caused the issue here. A solution was to locate the. Running under Win8 compatibility mode worked as well, though I’m not sure what other limitations this imposes in terms of how smoothly things will run. Sorry to bother you 5 years later. Did you figure out how to solve the problem? I tried all the solutions they suggested above but nothing happened.

Hope to get your reply. And also I suppose 3 is a programmer cuz I just cannot understand what he was saying since my English is not that good. I was able to fix this problem by starting the game up and literally smashing the escape key on my keyboard which somehow worked as the game actually stayed open and then I proceeded to change the resolution in-game and now I no longer have this issue when starting up said game.

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