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Microsoft word 2013 chapter 2 quizlet free


Recent Documents displays how many of the last documents you viewed? Which view hides charts, graphics, pictures, and other objects so you can focus on the text? In order to see the Gridlines, you must be in what View? In order to perform this task, which of the following markers can you use? Answer: Scroll. Answer: scroll. Which of the following wildcard search criteria would you use?

Answer: Find and Replace. Answer: Go To. In order to select text spread throughout a document, which key do you use? Answer: cut.

Answer: copy. Answer: Paste. Answer: Ctrl. Which of the following types of information can you track in the Document Properties panel? Answer: Summary. Shared Flashcard Set. Title word chapter 2. Description MOS. Total Cards Subject Computer Science. Level 12th Grade. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Computer Science Flashcards. Term 1 You are looking for a document you created earlier in the week and cannot remember the name.

Definition d Term 2 Which of the following are valid Document View options within Word? Term 3 You are in the middle of editing a large document and only wish to edit text. Definition b Draft.

Term 4 What is the default view in Word? Definition a Print Layout. Term 5 Which view displays the text with a larger font and minimizes many tools in the Word window? Definition c Read Mode. Term 6 Outside of the View tab, where else do you have access to Document View commands?

Definition d Status bar. Term 7 Which of the following are valid options in the Show command group on the View tab? Definition a Rulers c Navigation Pane e Gridlines. Term 8 You are in the middle of creating a company newsletter and need to turn on Gridlines to align graphics. Definition b Print Layout.

Term 9 Rulers are measuring tools used to align text, graphics, and other elements within your document. Definition a right indent b first-line indent d hanging indent e left indent. Definition a Results. Term 11 In order to quickly navigate sections in a document, which tab in the Navigation Pane would you use? Definition b Headings.

Term 12 Which tab in the Navigation Pane gives you a thumbnail graphical view of each page within the document? Definition c Pages.

Term 13 Which of the following locations provide access to Zoom options within Word? Definition a Status bar d View tab e Backstage Print command. Term 14 In which View Mode can you use Object Zoom to zoom in on objects such as tables, charts, or images?

Definition a Read Mode. Term 15 In order to open a duplicate copy of an active document on the screen, which option in the Window command group will you use? Definition d New Window. Term 16 In order to evenly distribute open Word documents visually, which option in the Window command group do you use?

Definition a Arrange All. Term 17 In order to divide one document into two so you can view two parts of a single document at one time, which option in the Window command group would you use? Definition b Split.

Term 18 In order to view two documents next to each other using synchronistic scrolling to compare documents, which option in the Window command group would you use?

Definition d View Side by Side. Term 19 Which option is used with the view Side by Side to arrange both documents equally on the screen? Definition b Reset Window Position. Term 20 Which option allows you to determine which document will be the active document and displays the document name on the title bar?

Definition c Switch Windows. Definition Answer: Scroll. Definition Answer: scroll. Term 24 Which of the following items will the Find command locate in the Results tab on the Navigation Pane? Definition a equations c text d graphics e options. Definition Answer: Advanced Find. Term 26 Which keyboard shortcut is used to open the Navigation Pane? Term 28 In order to open Find and Replace, which keyboard shortcut do you use?

Term 29 In order to search for a single character, which wildcard would you use? Definition b? Definition Answer: Find and Replace. Definition Answer: Go To. Term 33 You want to apply formatting to non-continuous lines of text throughout a document. Definition c Ctrl. Term 34 In order to quickly select the entire document with your mouse, which of the following options can you use? Definition d Triple-click in the left margin. Definition b Clipboard. Definition Answer: cut. Definition Answer: copy.

Definition Answer: Paste. Term 39 In order to keep original format and hyperlinks, which paste option would you choose? Definition b Keep source formatting. Term 40 How many items can the clipboard hold at any given time? Term 41 In order to cut an item and place it on the Clipboard, which keyboard shortcut do you use? Term 42 In order to copy an item and place it on the Clipboard, which keyboard shortcut do you use? Term 3 In order to paste an item from the Clipboard at the insertion point, which keyboard shortcut do you use?

Term 44 Which of the following are valid options for displaying the Clipboard? Definition Answer: Ctrl. Term 47 Use Document Properties to include important information which can be used later to perform searches.

Definition a date the document was created b subject c category d key words. Definition Answer: Summary.