HR Specialisation

Become an Expert in Human Resource (HR) Management by learning skills like Excel, Payroll, PT, PF, ESI, IT, TDS etc. Human Resources professionals perform a plethora of tasks, including recruiting, managing employee relations, and creating company policies. In small companies, HR Generalists perform all relevant tasks, whereas in larger companies HR professionals could specialize in certain areas, e.g. sourcing and hiring, compensation and benefits, HR operations.

Students who want to start their career in Human Resource (HR) department, Basic requirement is to know detailed structure and components of Payroll. With practical aspects of Payroll and statutory compliances upto 30-40 excel formula and much more is also covered.

With this course, you will learn:

Chapter I

Basic Excel formula Such as Text, Mid, Eomonth, Dropdown, Sort etc.

Chapter II

Advanced Excel Formula such as Vlookup, Pivot, Sumifs, If etc.

Chapter III

Salary Statement with PF, ESI, PT deductions

Chapter IV

Preparation of salary structure & payslip

Chapter V

Income Tax computation of individuals

Chapter VI

TDS computation and deduction for Form 16 & Form 16A

Chapter VII

PT, PF & ESI Return Filing

Chapter VIII

IT (Indl) & TDS Return Filing

Course Duration:

1.5 to 2 months

With this course, you will get:

Study Materials

Get detailed information on Important Topics and learn Practically.
*Printed Materials for Classroom Training & Soft-Copy for Online and Recorded Students.

Online presentation

Get a concise and clear description of topics in Powerpoint Presentation

*Access for All for each chapter.


Get downloadable Files and Lists relevant to the course.

*Available for certain chapters only.

Simulation Software

Practice the important things practically with our Demo Website.

*Available only when course is running.