Steps to file TDS Return (Continued):

Step 4: Request for Form 16 in Traces website by verifying challan & submitting RRR number.

a. Login to Traces website

  • Visit https://tdscpc.gov.in
  • Click on "Login" button on the left side of the screen
  • By default "Deductor" button shall be selected
  • Enter User ID and Password provided during the registration
  • Enter TAN of the Company/Deductor
  • Click on "Login" button

b. Request Form 16

i. Go to “Downloads” > click on Form 16

ii. Search for Form 16 under any one of the option;

  • Search PAN: Select Financial year & Enter PAN of the Deductee
  • Bulk PAN Download: Select financial year 

iii. Confirm the Authorised Signatory details and Click on "Submit" button

iv. Choose KYC flow;

  • Digital Signature: Need to validate DSC
  • Normal KYC validation: No validation required

v. Verify details by Entering RRR number and Challan Details

  • Enter RRR number in Token Number/Provisional Receipt Number (PRN)
  • Enter One of the Challan details of the relevant return period & 
  • Enter PAN of the deductee & TDS deducted against the Challan*
  • Click on Proceed

*If the number of deductees in a particular challan are more than 3, then atleast 3 PAN and amount need to be entered for verification.

vi. Submit Request

  • Note down the ‘Auth Code’ generated in the Code page and click on ‘Proceed with Transaction’ button.
  • After submission please note down the Request Number. You can access Form 16 from the 'Downloads' section using this request number.

Experiment 2:
Place a request to download Form 16 for the Financial year 2022-23 using the RRR number generated in the earlier steps. Select KYC validation option without using DSC. Note down the request number to download the Form 16.

Challan details:
Base Tax/TDS Rs.21,945
Education Cess Rs. 878
Total TDS Rs.22,823
BSR Code: 0240020
Date of Deposit: 10-Apr-24
Challan Serial Number: 29332

Deductee Details:
Name: Kiran N R
Total TDS Rs.22,823

c. Download Form 16

i. Go to “Downloads” > “Requested Downloads” to download Form 16

ii. Enter the Request Number or Request Date or select View All. If the status is ‘Available‘, click on download. Form 16 can only be downloaded only if the status is “Available”. You will have to wait for 24- 48 hrs in case the status of request is ‘Submitted’.

Various status for the request submitted for Form 16A means:

  • Submitted: Submitted successfully, Request in processing
  • Available: Form 16 available for Downloading 
  • Disabled: Duplicate request submitted for downloading 
  • Failed: User should contact CPC(TDS) 
  • Not Available: PAN mentioned in the statement are invalid

iii. Click on "HTTP Download"

d. Extract Form 16

i. Go to “Downloads” > “Requested Downloads"

ii. Click on " Click here" button to download Utility to extract Form 16 from HTTP files

iii. Enter Captcha and Proceed

iv. Click on latest utility file to download

v. Follow these steps to download form 16 PDF:

  • Open the utility
  • Browse and select the zip folder
  • Enter your TAN as the password for the input file
  • Now select the folder where you wish to save the forms
  • Click on the ‘Proceed’ button 

PDF versions of Form 16 shall be saved in the folder. 
Note: Password to open Form 16 is TAN in UPPERCASE i.e. ABCD12345E

Experiment 4:
Extract Form 16 PDF files from the downloaded HTTP files. 
Special Note: This process needs to be done using Utility, however, we have downloaded the HTTP using our Simulation experiments, it is not possible to run the same in the Govt. utility. Therefor please extract PDF files using winzip extractor.

Issue Downloaded Form 16 to all Deductees after digital or manual signature of the Authorised Person.

What is the frequency to generate Form-16?


If there is no TDS deducted, is the employer required to issue a Form 16?

Only for Government employees
For Corporate employees