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In my childhood days, I had heard a story. Once upon a time in a major town, there lived a Father who had 3 sons. The eldest was strong and hard-working, the second son was smart and intelligent and the youngest was handsome. The father had a large farm, some gold and a ship. At his death he gave the farm to the eldest, gold to the youngest and the ship to his second son. The eldest worked hard in his farm, second son started his trade using the ship and the youngest started showing off with the gold he got. As expected, after few years the youngest had lost all his gold. Surprisingly though the elder son also became poor as his hard work in the farm did not pay-off. But the smart and intelligent son with the Ship had grown rich by doing all kinds of trade and business.
I understood that the story only meant that I had to study and gain knowledge. But today, by looking at few successful people around the world, the story makes much more sense. Often success is measured by the wealth one possesses. So along with the ability to earn, it is very important to know what to do with what you earn. Wealth gets multiplied when you take smart financial decision. Just like the Trader with the ship in the story, it is very important that you use what you have to your benefit. It’s not just enough to possess something, but you should know what to do with it.
Unfortunately, we don’t teach the young one’s enough about what to do with money. People work hard their entire life to earn money, but they give away their earning by spending it on what the trend says. If the trend is to buy Cars, Car it is. People take loans just to travel, but are afraid to take loan and start a business. Though there are so many successful hoteliers, real estate agents, traders etc. young minds don’t aspire to be one. There is a psychological barrier around these kinds of business and profession. Eventually these business lines are family owned or get restricted to some communities.
If you google for best education system in the world, you would see South Korea, Japan and Singapore on the top. But can we adopt such a system? Can we dedicate 14 hours a day for schooling? Or maybe somethings are meant to be taught at home. Is schooling only for basics and higher studies like Post Graduation and diplomas are supposed to take care of what the modern world requires out of you?

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